I have no talent at all. I'm just passionate about knowledge.

About Me

Introduce Myself

Hi Everybody

I'm Thai Viet Nhat. I have a dream that I can make free lessons or share my articles to help you improve your programming!

I want to create a blog site to help you improve your programming skills through the lessons I searched on the internet. Of course I won't take other people's posts and upload them again! I will write and express through my language. Actually, I am not a specialist in IT, but I really like web programming. So, if you find that the words are not correct or the presentation is not correct, there is something not satisfied, please sympathize. I will write articles based on my best friend's learning process, so my lessons will mainly be the basics and if the knowledge allows, I will try to do more advanced lessons. Hope you will support me!

Rules when sharing articles

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Thank you for reading! I wish you all success and happiness on the path you have chosen!