16 Libraries Create Navigation For Website

16 Libraries Create Navigation For Website

November, 19 2021

In today's article, I will introduce some popular libraries to create navigation for website design and development.

Website Navigation

Navigation is an integral part of a website whose main feature is to help users easily navigate to the main sections of the website. When we design navigation, the first condition is to design so that users can easily access and understand the structure of the website. Then add many useful features with highly aesthetic design for navigation.

Vertical Fixed Navigation

Vertical fixed navigation helps you to create vertical navigation navigation quickly and easily. It helps users have a more overview of the content of the page and go to the links of the web pages quickly. As you hover your mouse over each button on the right, key information will be displayed automatically. It have detail examples for edit the content and set the style for each navigation element.

Thư Viện Vertical Fixed Navigation


Pushbar.js is a library written in Javascript that helps you create navigations any position like left, right, top and bottom in web page. Setup is also very simple, you can use CDN, download to use or install via npm. Then use the new Pushbar() command in javascript to initialize Pushbar for your website. In addition, you can also refer to the pre-written examples to make it easier to apply to the website.

Thư Viện Pushbar.js


MenuSpy is a Javascript library that helps you to set up navigation components will be active based on the user's position in the web page. The main function of this library is to help customers know where they are in webpage. In addition, you can also set other properties for it such as activeClass, hashTimeout, callback...

Thư Viện MenuSpy


SIDR is a Jquery library that helps you to create sidebars easily and quickly with many useful features such as responsive display on multiple devices, positioning sidebar in web page, displaying content via AJAX ... For each such feature, there will be examples and corresponding code snippets to make it easier for you to visualize. And it also provides two white and black themes to help you have a more suitable choice for your website. I have a small note that when you download, the necessary CSS and Javascript files are in the dist folder.

Thư Viện SIDR


Drawer is a Jquery library with a combination of iScroll and CSS that helps you to create many different types of navigation for your website such as navbar, sidebar, fixed navbar... and for each type we also have can determine its position when displayed in the web page. You can easily set it up directly in the HTML page via CDN or download it on Github. It has detailed instructions for each step from setup, use to how to extend through defining properties that you can refer to more in the demo page.

Thư Viện Drawer

Responsive navigation

Responsive navigation is a javascript library with a size of only about 1Kb (After compression) that helps you easily build responsive navigation on many different device screens. With the combination of CSS3 and no use of additional libraries, it makes the website perform better than other navigation builder libraries. In addition, it also allows us to edit the properties to be more responsive when applied to different types of websites.

Thư Viện Responsive navigation

Mega Dropdown

Mega Dropdown helps you build navigation with many nested subcomponents displayed in a clear and understandable way. For example, when your website sells many types of products and in each category are divided into smaller categories, Mega Dropdown will help you solve the problem quickly and easily. In addition, we can also easily set styles, edit components in navigation, handle events through pre-written code in the demo page.

Thư Viện Mega Dropdown


PriorityNavigation.js is a library built in Javascript that automatically displays navigation elements based on the size of the web page in the screen. For example you have 5 child components in navigation, when the screen minimizes, it will display 2 components and the rest will be contained in the dropdown. In addition, it also has properties that help you tweak more flexibly when used in the website. And it also has a version for VueJS too.

Thư Viện PriorityNavigation.js


bigSlide.js is a build library by Jquery that makes it easy to navigate the build in a style slider with a size of only about 1kb (after compression). You just need to download the js file and you can use it without any additional libraries. In addition, it also has properties to help you fine-tune flexibly in your work.

Thư Viện bigSlide.js

Responsive Retina-Ready Menu

Responsive Retina-Ready Menu is a built-in navigation and automatically resizes based on the size of the screen. And it is designed with 3 main screens: desktop, tablet and mobile phone. It also has a full step-by-step description so we can easily understand how the component is built. Plus the harmonious color design as well as interesting hover effects, I believe this is a good navigation option for your website.

Thư Viện Responsive Retina-Ready Menu

Multi-level push menu

Multi-level push menu is a Jquery library that makes it easy to build navigation with many interlocking sub-components but still display in an intuitive, clear and understandable way. It runs on most of today's popular browsers and provides different types of navigation to help you have a wider choice for your website. As for the steps of setting up or tweaking the navigation component, there are examples with the corresponding code as well as a demo page for each of them.

Thư Viện Multi-level push menu

Circular Navigation

Circular Navigation is a pre-written navigation and you just have to view the demo and download it. If you want to learn more about how it is made, you can see a detailed step-by-step description below. This is a navigation in my opinion that has a creative, modern style and is a bit different from the usual navigation. It also helps you to reduce the area when placing on the website through the hidden elements in the navigation.

Circular Navigation

Other Navigation Libraries

Responsive Multi-Level Menu
3D Rotating Navigation
Google Nexus Website Menu

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I hope the article will provide you with useful navigation plugins and libraries for web development. If you have any questions just send an email and I will respond as soon as possible. I hope you continue to support the site so that I can write more good articles.