8 Timeline CSS For Web Development

8 Timeline CSS For Web Development

December, 27 2021

Welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to explore timelines by combining HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap. Come on, let's find out too!

Animated timeline CSS

Timeline is a list of events in chronological order, usually you will see it as a bar displayed vertically or horizontally with each fixed timeline and content about that event. I find it often used in telling about the history of a company, organization, or you can use it in setting up to-do lists for the day... It helps users have a look intuitive, easy to understand and more enjoyable.

Responsive timeline Bootstrap:

Responsive timeline Bootstrap

Timeline is built using Bootstrap 4 combined with CSS and Fontawesome including both vertically and horizontally. Although there are no effects, but in my opinion, the ability to color and arrange the layout is very nice and clear.

See the Pen Timeline Bootstrap (source from bootsnipp) by haycuoilennao19 (@haycuoilennao19) on CodePen.


Horizontal timeline HTML Template:

 Horizontal timeline HTML Template

This timeline follows a modern direction with the use of black background to create high contrast for events and it divides events by time axis with detailed information to help users have an intuitive and easy view. Compare the time interval between events.

See the Pen Timeline by Clint Brown (@clintabrown) on CodePen.


Responsive horizontal timeline CSS:

This timeline uses an image as a user attraction along with the event time. To create an interesting experience, it uses an effect that when the user hovers over the image, it will show detailed information about that event and blur the background images of other events.

See the Pen 4 Panel Timeline CSS by Jeff Glenn (@jeffglenn) on CodePen.


Responsive horizontal timeline jQuery:

 Responsive horizontal timeline jQuery

This timeline focuses on designing, displaying content for each event and a navigation bar for each timeline. This timeline design gives users the urge to see the details of other events by clicking on each timeline.

See the Pen horizontal timeline by Ritesh Kumar (@ritz078) on CodePen.


Vertical timeline examples:

 Vertical timeline examples

This timeline uses the Bootstrap card component to combine images and event content. Its design is not too picky, mainly focusing on simplicity. Here I have a small note about its effect built with the Scrollrevealjs plugin to help create motion effects and the event landmark only appears when the user srolls to that event in the website.

See the Pen Vertical Timeline by Sava Lazic (@savalazic) on CodePen.


Vertical timeline HTML template:

 Vertical timeline HTML template

This timeline is designed in a simple style, without any effects, but due to the selection of fonts and colors, it is harmonious and can be displayed on many device screens, so you can apply it to many types of website layouts.

See the Pen Simple Responsive Timeline by Brady Wright (@brady_wright) on CodePen.


Bootstrap Timeline Animation:

 Bootstrap Timeline Animation

The special feature of this timeline is that you can use it with the function of listing events by time or the navigation bar in the website. What's interesting in its effect is that creating an interaction between the piece of content with the link to it helps the user to identify the subject of that content in the timeline.

See the Pen Timeline Style Navigation by Naila Ahmad (@nailaahmad) on CodePen.


Horizontal Timeline With Animation:

 Horizontal Timeline With Animation

I'm going to introduce another timeline designed to describe each specific action step to achieve something. In my opinion, here it is important to use illustrations to help users have an intuitive view and easy to visualize specific work.

See the Pen Horizontal Timeline Responsive by Nicko Afan (@nickoafan) on CodePen.


Timeline CSS HTML Horizontal:

 Timeline CSS HTML Horizontal

This timeline is designed to be simple with HTML and CSS, but it is beautiful and responsive on many different screen devices, so you can widely apply it to website layouts.

See the Pen responsive timeline v4: pure CSS by Clay Larson (@cjl750) on CodePen.


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I hope the article will help you shorten the time in designing timeline html css and if you have any questions just send an email I will respond as soon as possible. I hope you continue to support the site so that I can write more good articles. Have a nice day!