9 Examples of Testimonial Slider For Website

9 Examples of Testimonial Slider For Website

December, 27 2021

Welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to learn about testimonials slider by combining HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap. Come on, let's find out too!

In my opinion, the main function of a business website today is to promote brands and products and reach potential customers that in the past ordinary stores could not reach. So how can a customer come to our website to trust and be willing to spend money on the product? In addition to the impressive content, I think it is necessary to add the comments and reviews of old customers when using the product on the website such as customer photos and reviews, videos recording customer feelings.. .

Because of this importance, here are a few Testimonials Slider components that are pre-designed with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript to help you choose from a variety of options to suit your layout and design.

Testimonial Carousel

Testimonial Slider HTML:

Testimonial Slider HTML

This testimonials uses a black background color with white text to highlight customer comments and reviews and you can comfortably use it for any website because it is designed in 3 basic languages: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

See the Pen Testimonials Slider by Fey (@feyinway) on CodePen.


Responsive Testimonial Carousel:

Responsive Testimonial Carousel

The special feature of this Testimonials is that it does not use control buttons or automatically switch pages, but we have to hold the mouse and drag left or right to see the comments. And it also applies lazy loading function to reduce loading time when you use it on the website.

See the Pen Testimonial Carousel Design by FinByz Tech Pvt. Ltd. (@finbyz) on CodePen.


Customer Review HTML Code:

Customer Review HTML Code

The special feature of this Testimonials is that in addition to showing customer reviews, it also shows the number of star reviews for our products to help users have a more intuitive view. It also has automatic page navigation and allows viewing of photos and stars of the next customer.

See the Pen Responsive Testimonial Carousel by Md Nahidul Islam (@thenahid) on CodePen.


Testimonial slider Bootstrap:

Testimonial slider Bootstrap

The special feature of this Testimonials is the simple but modern design and very creative, in my opinion, should be used for information technology websites. It also has the function of auto-redirecting and allows to see all the images of the customer who will give a review.

See the Pen Testimonials 3(source from bootsnipp) by haycuoilennao19 (@haycuoilennao19) on CodePen.


Testimonial Quotes in DIV:

Testimonial Quotes in DIV

The special feature of this Testimonials is the simple design and use of the carousel component in Bootstrap 4 to create animations for customer reviews. The background image is also a very noticeable point to help highlight the content as well as let customers understand more about the company or product.

See the Pen Testimonial by Baahubali (@anupkumar92) on CodePen.


Testimonial slider HTML CSS JavaScript:

Testimonial slider HTML CSS JavaScript

In this testimonials, we use the grid system combined with the component card in Bootstrap 4 to design it to make it easy for you to be responsive on multiple screens. It is suitable for a small number of customer reviews and it also has a zoom effect when the user hovers so as not to create boredom for the website.

See the Pen Bootstrap 4 testimonial with hover animation(source from bbbootstrap) by haycuoilennao19 (@haycuoilennao19) on CodePen.


Slider Revolution Testimonial:

Slider Revolution Testimonial

If you need your users to focus primarily on your client's citation text then you should use this Testimonials. In addition to creating smooth page animations it is very good at using colors with a mostly changing background color to highlight the client's message.

See the Pen Responsive testimonial slider by hellokatili (@hellokatili) on CodePen.


Testimonial quotes CSS:

Testimonial quotes CSS

If you like simple design and love dark colors, then Testimonials will suit you. Here it does not use any effects but what I like about it is the color scheme between the components inside as well as the outside of the card.

See the Pen #1390 - Testimonial Card by LittleSnippets.net (@littlesnippets) on CodePen.


Testimonial Slider Animation:

Testimonial Slider Animation

This testimonials makes your website more attractive and professional by dividing it into 3 clear layout components: images, content, reviews, and customer work. Many people tend to remember images more than words, so you should choose influential, reputable customers to contribute to increasing the credibility of the product.

See the Pen CSS3 Testimonials Slider by Sara Soueidan (@SaraSoueidan) on CodePen.


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I hope the article will help you shorten the time in designing the Testimonials interface in Bootstrap 4 and if you have any questions just send an email I will respond as soon as possible. I hope you continue to support the site so that I can write more good articles. Have a nice day!