Top Javascript Chart Libraries For Website

Top Javascript Chart Libraries For Website

January, 7 2022

With web technology constantly being developed, there are more libraries to help us build charts in a beautiful way and attract more users. Today you and I will learn about it together!


D3.js is a javascript library built for data visualization and rendering via SVG, Canvas, HTML... It's open source, downloaded over 1 million weekly via npm. The above data can help us understand somewhat how popular and famous it is in the world.

In addition, it also provides many built-in examples to help you learn and learn more how to apply D3.js to your website. However, it also has some limitations that are difficult to use for beginners or will not work on old browsers such as IE8.

Thư viện Chart D3.js


HighCharts is a commonly used javascript library to build charts for web pages. You can freely choose the right chart for you through the provided demos and divided into different types such as line chart, color and bar charts, area chart...
What I like most about it is that it can be used even on old browsers like Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explore 8... And it also allows us to create more annotations, change colors. for chart... Its drawback is that you have to buy a license for commercial use. As for personal, educational or non-commercial use, you can rest assured.

Thư viện Chart HighCharts

Google Charts

Google Charts is the next library I want to introduce to you. It is suitable for simple chart types that do not require too many complex adjustments. Google Charts is displayed in HTML5 or SVG so it is compatible on many different browsers and devices such as phones, Ipad.. You can use it in any commercial, educational website.. Because it's completely free.
Google Charts is that there are detailed and in-depth tutorial articles for each type of chart such as Area Charts, Bar Charts, Bubble Charts...

Thư viện Chart Google Charts


Chart.js is open source so you can use it for any project you want. It provides beautiful and modern charts with a file size of only 60kb. In addition, it is also displayed on many different devices through the use of HTML5 Canvas. However, it also has certain limitations as it only has 8 chart types and does not support older browsers.

Thư viện Chart Chart.js

CHARTIST.JS is a library for building responsive charts on multiple screens using SVG. You can flexibly adjust and reset the chart through its Sass file. With its compact size and easy use, it is suitable for all programmers who want to create a separate chart for their website. It also provides nice animations to use for charts, but you can only use it in modern browsers.

Thư viện Chart CHARTIST.JS


ZingChart provides us with the ability to create beautiful, interactive, configurable charts with many options, easy extensibility... It has more than 50 types of charts to help you have Choose from a wide range of options to suit your needs. In addition, it uses Ajax, Json, HTML5 to quickly create charts with an eye-catching interface and you can edit its style through setting properties available in JSON.
If you use the free version, you will still be provided with all the features of ZingChart, but the charts will always have the text Powered by ZingChart. And if you want to delete this text, you have to buy a business license to use it for the website about $ 99 / year.

Thư viện Chart ZingChart


amCharts is a library that helps us create charts with a very high aesthetic. In addition, it also provides a Maps utility to help us quickly create maps for our website or application. You can integrate it into many different types of projects like TypeScript, Angular, Vue, React, Javascript... It also provides a lot of demos for each type of chart and the code snippet for that chart is located below to help. you can copy and use immediately for your website. For the free version, all your charts will show the link of the amCharts page. And if you want to get rid of it, you have to buy a license for about $ 180.

Thư viện Chart amCharts


Plotly is built on top of D3.js and It is open source, so you can use it for any project without having to sign up for an account or buy a license. It provides more than 40 different chart types like 3D charts, financial charts, maps...

Thư viện Chart Plotly


FusionCharts provides us with more than 100 different chart types and 2000 maps. It supports many different types of data formats such as XML, JSON, Javascript, and allows to download maps in a variety of formats such as PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF. Since it is rendered in HTML5 or SVG, it is cross-device and browser-compatible. If you use the free version it will show the name of the library in the charts. If you don't want to display it, you can purchase a license to use it at your own discretion.

Thư viện Chart FusionCharts


uvCharts is a javascript library that helps you create charts easily. It offers over 100 customizations and 12 different chart types. Because it is built with D3.js in mind, it supports easy extensibility and meets today's web mapping standards.

Thư viện Chart uvCharts

Some other libraries

Here are the libraries I added, see below:


I hope the article will provide you with more charting libraries to apply to web programming and if you have any questions, just send an email and I will respond as soon as possible. I hope you continue to support the site so that I can write more good articles. Have a nice day!